Community Space Use


1013 Portage Ave – Community Space


1005 Portage Ave – Meeting Room


Available Facilities
The Near Northwest Neighborhood, Inc. (NNN) has two available Community Spaces:

1013 Portage Ave (2,600 s.f.; capacity 175 seated; partial kitchen facilities – no oven or range)
1005 Portage Ave (800 s.f.; capacity 50 seated)

The Community Spaces are open to non-profit and non-commercial groups engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual, or charitable activities. The Community spaces are not available for partisan political meetings, religious services, or private social functions. 

Groups outside the NNN may use the facilities of the NNN when the use is consistent with the mission of the NNN. All events must be free and open to all members of the public, unless arranged with the NNN Director and prior written authorization by the NNN. Any use of the NNN name or logo must be approved by the NNN director prior to publication.

The NNN reserves the right to approve use of the Community Space. Community space reservations shall be assigned on a “first come, first served” basis. Priority in the availability of the Community Spaces is as follows:
  1. NNN use for Community events, Committee Meetings, and Business Use
  2. NNN sponsored classes or events
  3. Approved partner organizations and programs of the NNN
  4. All other groups outside of NNN use

Time of Use
NNN Community Spaces are available for use Mondays through Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. No meetings may be held on Sundays unless special permission is given.


How to Reserve the NNN Community Space!

1. Pick up or print out a copy of the Community Space Reservation Form, and the Policies and Procedures from the NNN Offices at 1007 Portage Ave, South Bend, IN 46616 or by clicking here: CommSpaceUseAgree

2. Read the Policies and Procedures.

3. If in agreement with the Policies and Procedures, please fill out a Reservation Form minimum ten (10) working days prior to the proposed event, and return to the NNN Offices at 1007 Portage Ave, South Bend, IN 46616 or email to

4. Once Reservation Form is fully completed and received, any appropriate fees, scheduling conflicts, or concerns will be determined by the Director and Staff. This information will be communicated to the Proposed User prior to signing an agreement.

5. The NNN will prepare a written agreement (form is attached for review). Proposed User and NNN Director or their designated proxy must sign the written agreement before the Space Use is to be considered to be “granted” to the User. Prior to signature, the space shall be reserved, but use not allowed until a signed written agreement is attained.

6. Once a signed written agreement is attained; User shall be instructed in how that space shall be accessed and secured after the use.

7. Enjoy the space!