Adopt-a-Block is an annual event with a kickoff in April. The award winning program is resident driven and was developed by the Environmental Committee in 2002. It encourages residents and businesses to work together to beautify the community. By banding together and committing to a yearly clean-up, neighbors can take ownership for the appearance of their block. The city provides trucks and trash bags for removal of litter.

2022 Adopt-A-Block

There will be a 2022 Adopt a Block! Clark Glover once again will head the effort.

We will meet at 8 AM on April 23 at the 1013 Portage Community Center for donuts and coffee. We will also hand out bags, gloves and Safety instructions. The Local Cup will be open for to go flavored coffee, hot chocolate and their usual fare.

This event focuses on litter only. Code Enforcement is only able to pick up bagged litter – no yard waste or large items. Bags of trash can be placed at our flashy pink stakes located throughout the neighborhood on April 23 when Code enforcement will pick them up. No large items please, call 311 for large item pickups.

If you want to clean beyond your own yard, please let the office know. If you are in need of help for your yard also call the office Mon-Th, 9–5. If there are volunteers, we will be happy to put them in contact with you.

Code Enforcement will be cleaning our area Parks in the time surrounding the event so there is no need to address these areas. Code Enforcement will also not actually be with us the day of the event. Feel free to call the office with any questions or concerns at (574) 232-9182.