Chili Supper

Chili Supper

The Chili Supper is one of our oldest traditions. What began as “My chili is better than yours” has become a huge event for the neighbors. Residents and members of the organizations Board of Directors cook up chili, cornbread and desserts to share. Chili chef’s complete for a number of titles including: Hottest Chili and Best Vegetarian Chili. We encourage all residents to join us to taste some of the best chili & cornbread in town, meet neighbors, and celebrate spring. We look forward to seeing you there!

Don’t miss the 2022 Annual Chili Supper - DATE TBD

Holy Cross School Gymnasium, 1020 N. Wilber Street

We need Chili, corn bread and dessert makers.

Let us know what you’re bringing to the Chili Supper - (574) 232-9182