NNN, Inc. Board of Directors

Benjamin Futa Owner, The Botany Shop

Michael McGee Elder and Youth Minister, Kingdom Life Christian Cathedral

Jess Hunter-Bowman Immigration Lawyer

Twila Newbill Dept. of Children’s Services

Muhammad Shabazz St. Joseph County

Cindy Kirkham Horizon Bank

Mike Hebbeler Center for Social Concerns University of Notre Dame

Rebekah Go St. Mary’s College Director of the Office of Civic and Social Engagement

Brittney Jennings South Bend Schools

Marceline (Marce) Bingham Semi-Retired; Financial Empowerment

Mary Turgi Sisters of the Holy Cross, Director International Justice Office

Effective May 2022

Current Officers

Twila Newbill, President

Jess Hunter-Bowman, Vice President

Benjamin Futa, Secretary

Open, Treasurer

Kathy Schuth, Executive Director

Effective May 2022