NNN, Inc. Staff

Photo of NNN building

Kathy Schuth, Executive Director since 2015. The Executive Director, working under the direction of the Board of Directors, carries out the mission and policies of the NNN. The Executive Director is the principal administrative officer focusing on the development of affordable housing and community development. The Executive Director is responsible for managing personnel, consultants, fundraising, budgeting, planning, and implementation of all neighborhood development activities and business operations of the NNN, Inc.

Jeff Stanifer, Property Development Specialist, since 2006. Jeff is responsible for NNN efforts related to creation, improvement of, and operation of housing and commercial projects. He provides management oversight of all NNN houses, rental properties, and commercial spaces.

André Northern, Neighborhood Networker since 2020. Dré is a lifelong South Bend resident, and has been serving on the NNN’s Board of Directors 2016-2020. When the opportunity to join the team arrived, Dré was able to step forward into a position that matched his community experience and passion. Dré has previously worked with Federal Mogul and with Neighborhood Resources Connection. He works to strengthen connections across the neighborhood and bring people together to address problems of shared concern.

Jill Joachim is Administrative Assistant for the NNN and can help you with questions about the Community Center and other general inquiries. She’s lived most of her life in the NNN and started at the NNN in 2016.

Contact us at nnnassistant@nearnorthwest.org for more information.