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NNN Homes for Sale – New and Rehabbed properties

NNN Homes are not your typical rehabs; the quality of construction and attention to detail make them one of the best values in South Bend.

We are pre-qualifying interested owner-occupant buyers for our houses as they come on the market. First qualified applicants have first right of refusal on houses that come up for sale directly from the NNN.

The following are the addresses we anticipate rehabbing to be on the market 2024-2025:

  1. 707 Harrison (prob. 3BR)
  2. 750 Harrison (prob 3BR)
  3. 613 Scott (prob 3BR)

We also are constructing new homes 2023-2025 at:

  1. 912 Harrison (prob. 3 BR)
  2. 914 Harrison (prob. 3 BR)
  3. TBA
  4. 748 Harrison TBA
Resale of NNN Homes

Resale of previously rehabbed/built NNN Homes happens periodically. Most NNN homes can only be re-sold to low to moderate income qualified owner-occupant buyers for 15 years after the NNN Rehab or Construction. There may also be a resale price restriction. This is called a Deed Restriction.

Contact a realtor for more information about these homes and how to find them and income qualify for them. They are a great value! In general, if you roughly think you will income qualify (see Homebuyer Guidelines) feel free to bid on any home first and THEN submit income qualification paperwork to the NNN when your offer is accepted. Offers, accepted offers and Purchase Agreements often have tight deadlines while income qualification has until closing on a home to be completed.

Interested? Learn how to apply.

To learn more about NNN Homes contact the Near Northwest Neighborhood, Inc. at (574) 232-9182 or nnndirector@nearnorthwest.org.