Redevelopment Efforts

NNN House


The NNN residential development efforts include the acquisition of housing structures and adjoining lots. After extensive renovations of existing homes and new construction, our homes represent a quality product. NNN’s affordably priced homes can be purchased using down payment and financial assistance programs. NNN’s housing efforts have improved the look and feel of the neighborhood, bringing new residents and existing neighbors together harmoniously in this wonderful neighborhood.

Click to Download the NNN Housing Strategy Plan 2008-2013

Residential Redevelopment


Commercial Redevelopment
Redevelopment efforts in the Near Northwest Neighborhood occasionally include the acquisition of commercial structures. The NNN, Inc. offices were once the site of a small hardware store, and they now serve as a meeting place for neighbors. Partnering with Memorial Hospital, the City of South Bend and the Portage Avenue Corridor Committee, the NNN has acquired several vacant and substandard commercial structures. These sites were cleared and are now ready for future development.


The NNN works to introduce new public green spaces, while maintaining existing green space. Its efforts include the maintenance of three neighborhood gardens. These include the Diamond Avenue Garden, Corner Garden at Lamonte Terrace and Lafayette Blvd. and the Triangle Garden on Portage Avenue. These public green spaces enhance the beauty of the neighborhood and improve the quality of life. They bring a feel of tranquility to the neighborhood.

Greenspace Redevelopment